Green Walls

Green Walls

Vertical garden, your own nature close to you, at home, at office, at any time.



You do not have to own, you can just rent a piece of nature for your as long as you need.



Our Garden Spot team is at service, we advise, we prepare, we install, we maintenance.



Look at the already commissioned installations based on our Vertical Garden module solution.

Green Walls benefits

  • Air Purification and Dust Reduction
  • Noise Level Reduction
  • Heat Reduction and Energy Cost Reduction
  • Biodiversity
  • Water Management
  • More Green Spaces
  • Health and Well-being
  • Aesthetics

Automatic Watering

Special controller, manage by mobile application will allow you to make the watering process fully automatic. Its very easy to set up the date and time of watering to start and stop and transfer remotely to the controller. You can set up all ON and OFF one year ahead.

Garden Grid

Garden Grid are ecological lawn lattices which enable effective hardening and stabilization of substratum (ground). They constitute an alternative for concrete flagstones or a sett. They create a biologically active area which enables the sowing and growth of grass. The compact construction ensures resistance to loads and deformations under great pressure (up to 350 tons/m2).


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