Garden Grid

Garden Grid are ecological lawn lattices which enable effective hardening and stabilization of substratum (ground). They constitute an alternative for concrete flagstones or a sett. They create a biologically active area which enables the sowing and growth of grass. The compact construction ensures resistance to loads and deformations under great pressure (up to 350 tons/m2).

The range of applications for use includes branches like building, engineering, industry, and agriculture. Garden Grid can be installed not only on flat terrain, but also on slopes and hills by using special anchors.

Ecological benefits

  • Protection of the destructive effects of soil erosion
  • Enabling natural penetration of rain and meltwater into ground
  • Preserved biologically active area that enables sowing grass and maintaining green areas
  • The lattice`s material is made of 100% made of recycling materials.

Technical advantages

  • Construction which enables the resistance to be attained up to 350 tons/m2
  • High resistance to all mechanical damages
  • Variable weather conditions and hard conditions do not exert a harmful influence on the condition of product
  • Caltrops attached to the lattice enable mounting the lattice on steep slopes and embankments
  • Durability of product - over 25 years
  • They do not require applying any rims

Aesthetic values

  • The construction of the lawn lattice’s sides makes it almost invisible. Thanks to that, the hardened area looks very aesthetic
  • Robust construction counteracts ground compacting and creating unaesthetic ruts
  • The possibility of filling the lattice with grass preserves green and natural area
  • By the filling the lattice with varied kinds of aggregates like: gravel, bark, lava, grit, decorative colourful stones, the lattice has the ability to take various shapes
  • For designers it is an element with a wide range of arrangement possibilities and it allows to give vent to their creativity

Garden Grid

Garden Grid is the best solution for parking places or roads, especially the ones where you need grass. In addition we provide parking tags to make symbols or signs on the Garden Grid.

Garden Grid is available in only one color – black.

It can be ordered per sqm only.

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