Vertical Gardens

Green walls are also called ‘bio-walls’, ‘vertical gardens’ or ‘living walls’.
Unlike green facades, which have soil only at the base, green walls utilize a growing medium – the surface to which the plant species can cling to and a hydroponic system.
Our Puzzle System is the most advanced system for vertical gardening currently on the market. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

The most important things about our system are listed below

  • 100% recycled material
  • Modular concept
  • Integrated watering
  • 100% water saving
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High plant density per square meter
  • Endless plant arrangement possibilities due to moveable pots

Integrated watering means that the water must be delivered to the highest level of the system, and then the water is spread to all plants in the green wall, which saves a lot of money and effort during construction period and makes the green wall system much simpler and cheaper.

It doesn’t need additional membranes, water stop surfaces and can be attached to existing wall directly.


Puzzle System

We offer the Puzzle System in two colors: black and light grey.  Black is perfect for most installations where the system stays in the shadow and you can enjoy the plants, but the light grey can prevent the heat to accumulate and warm up the plants in some conditions.

Light Grey can be used as well for catchy design.

The Puzzle System material is UV protected for 10 years for Middle East conditions.
For big installations we can provide any colour of the system.

Density of plants per square meter is fixed by the system itself, but we have 2 options for your convenience:

  • PCZ-14: 14 cm pot diameter – 36 plants per sqm – most popular
  • PCZ-09: 9 cm pot diameter –  80 plants per sqm - for small plants

The pot volume of 14 cm pot is more than 3 times bigger than 9 cm pot. Keep it in mind if you consider the soil (or hydroponic) and the volume of roots of the plant.

Green Walls

Our walls can be equipped with a special controller, which helps you to setup the watering procedure for your green wall. All you need is to:

  • install PCZ Configurator application on your mobile (Android only)
  • using the built-in calendar set the start and stop time of watering
  • remotely update the controller

Our commercial clients will get a Samsung mobile phone with the application already installed and a short training on how to use it.

We’ve just made the watering much easier for you.


Green Walls benefits

  • Air Purification and Dust Reduction
    • Living green walls are natural air-filters, resulting in significant reduction of air pollution
  • Noise Level Reduction
    • Green walls naturally lower the impact of noise, which improves conditions for people
  • Heat Reduction and Energy Cost Reduction
    • Green plants in the cities cools the air and reduces the heat
    • Vertical gardens are more than just a trendy design feature; they also help reduce heat in your home, bringing down cooling costs and saving emissions in the process
  • Biodiversity
    • Green walls with a whole range of plants increase the variety and numbers of birds and insects
  • Water Management
    • Green walls absorb rainwater reducing amount of water discharged into wastewater system
    • Water evaporates through the plants improving air conditions
  • More Green Spaces
    • Higher density of plants per square meter
    • Great solution for limited areas in the cities
  • Health and Well-being
    • Green walls have a positive impact on the human body, reduce stress and improve comfort of life
  • Aesthetics
    • Positive impact on humans
    • Various interesting visual effects

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