Mobile Green Frames

Our idea to provide this type of solution is to enable Green Frame mobile walls to be rented together with their servicing, which ultimately makes the service fully comprehensive. Use, without the need to purchase a product also becomes an ideal option for special events.

Green Frames

We can deliver one-sided or double-sided Mobile Green Frames, depending on the client needs.

“One-sided” can be used for information purposes on one side, and the plants, flowers on other side.

“Double-sided” (which have plants on both sides) can be used as divider between tables in restaurant or in the office, hall, ballroom, etc.


Green Frames Maintenance

Our Green Frame mobile solution is based on PCZ modules, which makes the maintenance very easy. All modules are equipped with regular sockets for watering, in this way for the watering you just need regular garden hose with socket to connect. At any time the watering can be made in old fashion way, just pulling out the pot and put a water inside the PCZ module.

We can manufacture any size of mobile Green Frame upon client request, but is should be a multiple of the PCZ-14 module size.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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